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Comparing the Ford F250 vs F350

Published on Oct 4, 2023 by Levi McDannel

Comparing the Ford F250 vs F350

Truck enthusiasts love what a Ford truck offers. Their reliability, ruggedness, and classic American styling have few peers. And two of the most popular models of Ford truck are the Ford F-250 and Ford F-350.


These two trucks are insanely popular. As Ford Authority notes that America’s first car company sold nearly 654,000 F-series trucks in 2022 alone.


However, between the two of these popular models, what are the main differences between the Ford F250 and F350? In this helpful guide, we will explore some of the features you won’t find on both models.

1. Number of Speeds

A Ford F20 will typically feature a 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission. And this is plenty for your average driver. But for drivers who want just a little more oomph, the Ford F-350 offers a shiftable 10-speed automatic transmission.

2. Towing Rating

When comparing the Ford F250 vs F350 towing capacity, one thing is clear. It is important to remember the Ford Super Duty trucks’ roots. These two vehicles were designed to segment themselves from less heavy-duty passenger trucks.


Towing capacity was a large consideration for these two vehicles, and it shows. For the Ford F-250, you can enjoy 20,000 pounds of towing capacity. It will also offer a maximum towing capacity of 22,800 with optional fifth wheel. Further, on the F-350, you can tow 21,200 pounds without the gooseneck and a whopping 35,750 with.


Truly, these two vehicles are designed to move. That’s why there isn’t an immense difference between the F250 vs F350 towing capacity. But while the F-250 offers great towing capacity, drivers who need to lug heavier loads should consider the F-350.

3. Seating Capacity

Solo drivers will enjoy a comfortable cabin that’s been designed for them in the Ford F-250. However, if you plan to transport a large group of passengers, the Ford F-350 Super Duty comfortably seats 6 people.

4. Payload

While both models of truck are made to haul, one is certainly more capable than the other. You may not be surprised to learn that the Ford F-350 can handle a higher payload. Specifically: nearly double the F-250’s.


The Ford F-250 boasts a payload capability of 4,260. In contrast, the F-350 has a maximum payload of 7,850.

5. Curb Weight

The F-350 is the huskier truck, when compared side-by-side with an F-250. You can expect an F-350 to weigh in at about 6,700 pounds. The F-250, by comparison, comes in at a slightly svelter weight of about 6,100 pounds.

6. Price

While there isn’t an immense difference in price between the Ford F250 vs F350, the little differences do add up. And with a slightly longer list of capabilities, the Ford F-350 is inevitably pricier. It will often be priced at a few thousand dollars more than its littler counterpart in the F-250.


If price is a major consideration, A Ford F-250 is likely to be a slightly more affordable purchase.


One of the key benefits to Ford’s design is that the F-250 and F-350 were designed on the same platform. This means that while there are some key differences between the Ford F350 vs F250, there are actually many more similarities. This includes countless model features, such as:

  • Bed capacity
  • Power stroke V8 engine options
  • Compatible accessories
  • Regular cab, super cab, and crew cab options
  • And more

For customers who don’t yet know what they need, take comfort. The list of similarities between the F350 vs F250 mean you won’t need to sacrifice much when making your selection.

Trust the Best for a New F-250 or F-350

If you are in the market for a new truck, come visit Seth Wadley: Oklahoma’s King of Trucks. We can talk you through all of the differences the F250 vs F350 have between them. We also regularly have F-250 and F-350 models on the lot to explore.


Want to get a feel for the difference in Ford F350 vs F250 models? Trust us. There is no better way than in person. Visit our showroom in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma or browse our inventory of new & used vehicles!

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