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How Much Can an F-350 Tow?

Published on Oct 31, 2023 by Levi McDannel

Ford trucks are celebrated for their rugged functionality. With durable flat beds, amazing traction control, and staggering torque, these trucks are built for tough jobs. And no Ford truck is tougher than the F-350.


For truck enthusiasts who like a bit more power in the driver’s seat, Ford has it all. The Ford F-350 and Ford F-350 Super Duty are truly unrivaled towing champs. More than anything, these trucks can handle massive towing and payload capacity. But exactly how much can an F-350 tow? Let’s break it down.

Conventional Towing Capacity – How Much Can a Ford F-350 Tow?

When compared with the F-150 and the F-250, the Ford F-350 can handle industrial loads of all sizes. But you are likely left wondering, exactly how much can an F-350 tow?


It’s an important question, as most truck buyers purchase their vehicles for their carrying capabilities. Let’s break down the standard tow capacity for F-350 and F-350 diesel.

How Much Can an F-350 Gas Tow?

The standard towing capacity for the 2023 Ford Super Duty F-350 with a gas engine is 21,000 pounds. This is a great all-around towing capacity for amateur and professional haulers alike.

How Much Can an F-350 Super Duty Tow?

According to Edmunds, the 2023 Ford F-350 Super Duty has a maximum tow rating of 27,000 lbs. It all comes down to payload, torque, and engine type. Truly, Ford Super Duty towing is unbeatable.


But all these numbers are just the conventional towing capacity specs. Need a little more oomph for your hauling job? Let’s break down how much can a Ford Super Duty F-350 tow with extra towing equipment like a fifth wheel tow.

Towing Equipment

The Ford F-350 comes with a standard 2.5 inch tow hitch receiver/3 inch tow hitch receiver across all of its trims. However, Ford also makes a gooseneck hitch kit and a 5th wheel hitch kit available. These handy accessories are intended as an add-on for buyers’ F-350 purchases when additional trailer weight is expected.


These features mean no matter which F-350 trim you choose, you’re getting Ford’s best available towing capabilities. With the right towing accessories, your new Ford pickup will be capable of even higher towing limits. Select the accessory that best fits your towing needs and you’ll never be left wanting for power.

Comparing the Towing Capacity of F-350 Trims

Ford offers a handy towing guide for customers who want to get specific about their towing needs. So how much can an F-350 tow? And what is the tow capacity for an F-350 diesel? According to the tool, the towing capacity of various 2023 trims sits at:

  • Up to 21,000 pounds for the regular cab gas engine with gooseneck/5th wheel 
  • Up to 35,750 pounds for the regular cab diesel engine with gooseneck/5th wheel 

As you can see, it’s as much about engine type as it is towing accessories. If you’re hunting for the best towing capabilities in Ford’s lineup, it pays to do your research. When searching for how much can an F-350 dually tow, the specs speak for themselves. You’ll likely find why the diesel model is the reigning champ.

Find Your Next F-350 at Seth Wadley Ford

Here in Pauls Valley, we love towing-capable trucks just like you. And at Seth Wadley Ford, we make sure all of our trucks, new and used, are tow-ready. Visit our truck dealership to put some gravel in your travel. Browse our inventory of new & used vehicles!

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